Now it is time to embrace the luxury, the rich and the famous, the champagne life and the VIP lifestyle. Get ready for the most popular slot machine game of all times: Mega Fortune! Always wanted to become a rich person? Well, now is your change! Including the big progressive jackpot, Mega Fortune seemed to reach a high and positive reputation among the many other slot machine games. Is it only because of the jackpot? Or are there more features included what makes it even more spectacular? To understand the popularity of this slot machine, we should dig a little deeper in the gameplay of the famous Mega Fortune.

When you take a look at the layout and design of the game, you will notice the strong conceptual icons and symbols that are used. Limousines, glasses of champagne and even jewelry are displayed on your screen. I must say, this is causing a lot of temptation. Since winning money is my main priority, seeing money on my screen can be very motivation! The software developers did a great job by picking those symbols, they are perfect selected and combined in to one game. Next to that, the background sound is also very pleasing and somehow it really calms me down. The champagne is the scatter, so I really have to pay attention to that one.


The champagne is the scatter and with three symbols on one row the free spins will be activated. The bonus game is the most important part of the game. In this special game you will see a wheel of fortune kind of game setting. You should spin 3 different kind of wheels to get closer to the big jackpot. Mega Fortune has three types of jackpots; mini, midi and mega. The mini jackpot will pay out less.

Not only is the design and concept very well made, the gameplay itself has so many different features and variety. Before you can even come closer to the jackpot, you have to make sure that you first get access to the bonus game. I’m pretty sure everybody is tempted to play Mega Fortune because of the big jackpot. Seriously, the amount of money really blew my mind. How can a game such as Mega Fortune pay out so much money? Well, Mega Fortune has a progressive jackpot and is divided over tons of online casinos. There are a lot casinos participating, for example online casinos 2020  and 1xbet. Every online casino offers the same game and every paying player is raising the jackpot everyday. You can see it as a paying collaboration between many players around the world! Now that’s what I call a smart system.

no account online casinos and many other online casinos are really enthusiastic about games such as Mega Fortune, because it is bringing players together. It is not that often that a player will actually win the jackpot, but when it happens: it just happens. Have you ever thought of what you would do with more than a million dollars? I think I would buy myself a yacht, just because that is also the symbol of Mega Fortune.