Released in October 2, 2019 by Spinomenal, the Demi Gods III is categorized as a classic 5-reel slot game with 50 paylines and 4 rows of symbols. This is the newest chapter to the riveting action-packed game series on this online casino game.

Free Spins/Bonus Feature

The “Scatters” are the symbols for Free Spins. When you spin and hit 3 bonus symbols on the reels, then you will get the chance to enter the Free Spins Journey mini-game. Do note that this is only available during the main game. The Free Spins Journey features 9 stopovers or levels which trigges subfeatures such as respins or appearance of Wilds which boosts your chances of winning.

Buy Feature

You will surely get that dose of adrenaline rush as the Norse demigods are back with new and exciting special features such as the chance to buy yourself some luck and also boasts of 96.2% RTP or Return to Player. While this may sound like cheating your way to hitting the jackpot, it’s actually a legitimate way to gain access to wins.

With Demi Gods III, you can buy in-game spins using the Buy Feature option. You are given 12 spins for every purchase. With this new feature, you are able to take control of the number of bets that you place on each round of using the Free Spins feature.

Random Win Multipliers and Wilds

Demi Gods III does not stop with just the Free Spins but also bombards you with increased chances of winning with Win Multipliers and Wilds that randomly appear in the reels. The Wilds are symbolized by the “Ruby Ring”. Having 5 Wilds will allow you to maximize or multiply your wins per line by up to 300 times.

Random Win Multipliers, just as what the name implies, is able to multiply your line payouts up to 2x or 3x more. The “Crow” is the symbol of the Random Win Multiplier.

The Verdict

There’s no need to beat behind the bush with this top-of-the line game slot series. This third installment of Demi Gods III is surely worth the wait. It has turned the tables around for the game especially with the improvements on the slot. Spinomenal has exceeded expectations once again with getting a better house edge and more Free Spins.

The payback is also great and on the average scale for a slot. You can win as much as 900x of your total bet but can only give you small wins. You get to bag the big bucks from playing the Free Spins Bonus game.

The pulsating action created by Demi Gods III will allow you to play god and maneuver the slot like you are in control of everything. However, the risks and the chances you get from the 9 Free Spins Mode and the Win Multipliers and Wilds allow you to anticipate what’s next in line. Hence, this makes the entire game series addictive and allows you to think on your feet while calculating your next moves.