It appears the Devil’s got a new playground plus it runs on Net Entertainments cutting edge gambling software. Devil’s Delight is an underworld themed video slot which packs in four distinct characteristics over five graphically enhanced reels.

Devil’s Joy Motif
First off we’d like to clarify this devil isn’t a cutesy one, nor a full blown Exorcist remake, so you could love his antics in jest that is good without feeling all downy or frightened out of your brains. It certainly does strike a nice balance, right in the red reel environment and gorgeous HD flaming logo. Another element of note puts in the base and is called the soul-o-meter which counts up the spirits accumulated during spins (more on this ghoulish attribute after).

There’s a brilliant range of reel icons such as demon’s, infant devil’s, hot female demons, purple hell jump minions, cauldrons, 666 emblems, flaming hearts, skeleton hands, pentacle stars, the Grim Reaper and Gravestone mounted Q, K and A letters.

Hitting the paytable icon omits an echoing thud, there’s sound effects woven into every region of the slot. You can learn about the respective attributes and view the payouts attached to each icon once the paytable is open.

A pipe organ sound effect accompanies each twist with various screams, groans and moans fit to other icons whenever they’re involved in a winning payout.

Betting Alternatives and Other Functions
Altering and putting stakes is a breeze thanks to Net Ent’s long established button layout. We were pleased to see a vast betting range which gives players virtually infinite choices between the 0.01 and £/$/€200 range.

Devils Delight Slot Characteristics
The suit wearing devil (he looks a bit just like a lawyer) plays as an enlarging wild on the second, third and fourth reel. If a successful blend could be made he will enlarge in an animated sequence to fill the entire reel, whilst in exactly the same time flicking ashes from his huge cigar.

Three or maybe more pentagram stars will activate an on reel choose a win game. You choose one of the pentagrams to win free spins with a 2x multiplier then hit ‘start free twists’ to begin to see the activity begin instantaneously. If more than two pentagrams appear during the free spins you’ll get to select again to add more free spins and multipliers.

The bonus game is won when the Grim Reaper appears on the past three reels. This presents a dog and also five people on a busy road with the six deadly sins down the side. You drop and drag the sins on the people and you collect a cash bonus and also their spirit, if they meet their demise. These souls are kept in the soul-o-meter below the reels and once you’ve accumulated 15 will give 10 sin spins.

Our Take on Devil’s Joy
We actually loved playing Devil’s Delight and it appears our members like it too as over 100 players have voted it great or better since we installed a free to play variation before this year. Check it out yourself for free using the hyperlink above, or play for real using any of the offers below.